What I'm Doing?

I'm a big enthusiast of building maintainable and scalable front-ends. To achieve this goal, I build frameworks mostly powered with Sass, PHP and love. I maintain open-source projects such as Caffeine, Melange, Misto and UX Rocket

In day-to-day works, I code mobile web apps and JavaScript applications for intranets and as well as clients. I manage teams and optimize the front-end development approaches through different development teams. Also, I teach HTML/CSS and JavaScript techniques and gave workshops about Front-end related topics.

I blog at HTML Mag and share my thoughts about web development, mobile approaches. In HTML Mag, we organize events, talks, workshops...

How I'm Doing?

In front-end development, I use HTML5, CSS/Sass and ES6 / JavaScript / React / Backbone / jQuery or whatever I need. I create my own jQuery plugin when I need one. When I need more robust application I use ES6. For simple views and small applications I prefer Backbone. When building advanced applications I use ES6 & React & Redux for now...

When I need a backend related stuff, I use PHP and along with MySQL. I can write a custom CMS or a WordPress theme/plugin for project needs.

In order to automate development, I'm using Gulp or Grunt or Webpack. Keeping my tasks with Basecamp and store my codes on Github.

I like to try new technologies and make my hands dirty. I check new frameworks, coding styles and approaches as something new come up.

Say Hi To Me

Do you need help? Tried to solve a front-end problem but not worked? Want to consult? Want to build a scalable, future proof web application? Or just chitchat :)